I can't find my issue of Knit Edge!

If you are a Knit Edge subscriber and can't find your issue in Ravelry, the most likely causes are

1. You did not click the link sent out in the subscriber email

2. You didn't receive the subscriber email at all because of your email's spam filter

You must click the link in your "issue X is live" email in order to place the issue into Ravelry. We are working with a software developer to create a more automated solution, but as of now clicking the link is necessary.

If your email allows you to whitelist addresses, please add info@knitedgemag.com to your safe list.

You may also want to search your spam/inbox folders for messages from info@knitedgemag.com.

If none of the above is applicable and you still cannot access an issue, please email us at support@cooperativepress.zendesk.com or open a ticket here at Cooperative Press' Zendesk.

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    Heidrun Liegmann

    I have paid Knit Edge for 3 years, but I only got 2 magazines!!!! The issues 1 and 3 were sent by Ravelry to my library.

    My Ravelry name is Magischemaschen.

    The only email I got were the subscription mails asking for payment - nor more mails with the promised links arrived ever, neither in the regular inbox nor in the spam box!


    I am very disappointed and I feel betrayed. None of my previous email asking for Knit Edge PDFs were answered!


    So I now decided to cancel my subscription - paying for NOTHING makes no sense!





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